Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Good Day!

Good and busy, that is! The sun is out and shining with warmth and cheer. I see the daffodils are up about 5-6 inches and the latest cold weather hasn't hurt nor stopped them at all.

First thing today was a surprise call from the plumber that he is sending his men to replace the kitchen faucet that he installed in August, 2000. "New Delta kitchen sink faucets & installation  $167.37"  with a new one.  It still worked well but I wanted one with a high rise spout so it would make it easier to wash my hair there. Modern faucet and old sink are clashing in style but I'm a happier resident now. (Main project of this year $426.94)

Maybe I can save up enough to replace the ancient tin shower stall next year...that is IF the 38 year old GE microwave oven, which was a gift from my husband and some of our kids as my 1985 Christmas present will keep functioning and the 26 year old Regency propane fireplace heater will hold out for a while longer. 11-01-1997! It was purchased for only $2,346.42 including installation. I use the microwave oven at least twice a day! Yes I do! It is a real survivor.

After the plumbing was finished, I had a follow-up doctor appointment this morning. Indications are that I might be able to stay a little longer than I first believed. Perhaps the past nine months assortment of health issues that took their toll on my declining health is ceasing. I plan to get my buggy out of storage and go for a ride-about very soon! 

Got my hair (what there is left of it) cut and trimmed by a wonderful gal who always knows how it needs to be. She is a merry soul and has been doing this for about 40 years. Now she comes to my home - all bubbly and cheerful and uplifting. Yay today! 

I lit and threw a firecracker at the pair of geese that were on the grassy beachfront. They really are a pain due to the messes they leave. I have only about 8 crackers left and might have to refill the bag this summer. It works at the moment, but they never learn! I  can only light and throw one into the driveway but the noise is enough to get the job done.


  1. Good for you Mom. Your inspiration makes for a wonderful day

  2. All's well!! We have no geese...besides it's illegal for any fireworks in the city limits.

  3. I am glad to know that you are already thinking about those ride-abouts in the cart. A new haircut always makes me feel so much better. Millie chases the geese away, but not too aggressively.