Friday, March 3, 2023

One Day at a Time...

Today, I have been noodling around on the internet and know I better get off and do something more constructive. I did order a print to try to decopague sometime in the future. All I have to do is get some Mod Podge and a board or a glass surface - I think. Time will tell if this project will ever be completed but I do see it in my head. It has been very long since I've crafted something. I think the last one of this type that I made, was in the year 2010 with Coquina shells on a flowery background cut from magazines. It was called my butterfly garden. I left it in the beach place when we sold. Sorry....

Well, since I have no craft supplies, I decided to bake an old-fashioned 2.5 lb. meatloaf from scratch. My daughter had a supply of ground beef and shared - I had the rest. Nibled a piece and, yes it was very good. Now my shoulder is aching. Perhaps I should have used Big Red to blend but then I wouldn't be able to call it old fashioned! By the way, the pan I used is over 65 years old. I've had it and used it all this time. It is easy to pour off the fatty juices. Of course in these days I do line it with non stick foil! Sliced and now in my freezer.
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  1. Your meatloaf looks delicious. Some I like and some I don't. I am sure this one would be thumbs up. Time spent doing "research" on the computer is not all waste. Some days that is what I feel like doing. It's definitely more fun than climbing the stairs to bring down volumes of 1963 World Books.

  2. Hey...that meat loaf looks mighty tasty!! It's comfort food!!!! I hope you can find your mojo and do some crafting so you can share your finished item!!