Saturday, March 25, 2023

Time Marches On...

 It was a good day! I'm officially old. OLDER! The phone calls came from four of my kids in the early part of the day. The lemon cake and a beautiful card was delivered by my grandson and his sweet lady yesterday afternoon. The "Yard Guy" brought in a lovely new flowering plant from his family. My good dear friend came for visit just before he arrived. The mail lady left a few more cards. 

I am a great-great grandmother again - this time to a little girl named Luna May. All is well.

My first cousin died yesterday and I'm sure she's in a good place now.  Some leave, some come - it is the way.  We were good buddies when young.

This photo I took at the end of my day shows a part of what exactly has made me happy. The plant is one I had never heard of and is so pretty! It is a Kalanchoe. This was a very happy birthday in many ways. Several days ago a large box of assorted skin care supplies arrived from my NJ daughter and family. 
It rained and the winds blew strong today but I really didn't notice!


  1. Well, hec, wishing you a happy birthday is in order.

  2. So happy to hear that you had a great birthday 🎂 🥳

  3. A birthday wish a day late from me to you!!!

  4. Happy Birthday!! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. I am so sorry to have missed this post. A belated Happy Birthday to you. I am glad that you had a wonderful day. Mary @Hilltop Post