Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Bits 'n Pieces

A little bit of color, a little bit of snow and pieces of roast are the topics of today, plus some tiny critters.

The geese in the foreground of the painting I created seemed to fit in here. I just discovered how to create my own backgrounds in the ArtRage Lite program. I often forget about this simple old application that doesn't need internet to function.

The first snow fell yesterday afternoon. Schools had two hour delays this morning in this area. My neighbor captured the calm scene this morning. Her shots save me from going out into the cold. I do not like to be cold!

A two pound beef roast has been lingering in the freezer waiting to be pulled out and cooked. These days the crock pot is a bit heavy for me but I got 'er done. Then the electric knife went to work. Now what? It really is tasty and juicy. Of course I taste tested after all day waiting to clean up and put my kitchen back together. Perhaps I'll freeze a couple of slices in each of several single serving packets. Tomorrow.......

A granddaughter raises these little critters and I think they are cute! Too much work for me, but she has tons of knowledge and does well with her nature projects. She is an artist and talented photographer as well.
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  1. She is definitely your granddaughter. Talented just like you.

  2. Yes, I agree,Like grandmother, like granddaughter. Both so talented. The snowy lake picture is beautiful.