Wednesday, November 9, 2022


Well now I think I'm ready for the upcoming season here. This morning the temperature outdoors read 28°.

The mailbox won't have so much political stuff that is immediately torn and trashed and it will save the carrier many steps. 

I set all 6 of my clocks back. 

My golf car was picked up for winter storage in a heated facility and will have complete service as well. I shall call in the Spring to have it returned and the charge is very reasonable. I had an offer by my yard guy to store it in his garage, but if I can handle arrangements on my own it makes me feel better. That was a genuine big-hearted offer! I am so thankful for such caring friends.

The A/C is covered, porch chairs are stacked, the swing sofa is covered, the ceramic pumpkin is in and put away. The sign to use the side door is in place.

This morning I brought in some of my porch ornaments to clean and save from probable damage during wind, snow and ice storms. The wooden fish sign is safe inside. 

I started my humidifiers going. Sure needed to do that! The humidity is so low my hair is sticking up everywhere with static electricity!

I transplanted two of my succulents into larger pots on the kitchen counter. Made a big mess...

I still have to get out the electric blanket and hook it up. 

What else? Oh lots of other minor things were done and I got with the program quite well.  With all this free time I just might bake some cookies in the near future. I have a craving for peanut butter ones, using my mother's recipe and also might dig out the spritz one as well. Then I'll have to hunt for the old (1950) gun that has always worked for me. The last time I made them was 2014!

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  1. I am not nearly as prepared for winter as you are. I am glad to know the golf car will have a warm place to stay until spring. I have an outdoor project I have been trying to finish ahead of cold winter days, but from the way the forecast sounds, I am not going to make it.

  2. I always forget to identify myself when I comment from my iPad. It’s Mary @ Hilltop Post.

  3. Becoming set for winter, makes Nov. a wee bit more livable. I'm not a fan of Nov., but have to look on the coziness side, which helps.