Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Whimsy Workshop

Still haven't found any whimsy-worthy ideas but I did get some decorating finished. Will show you next time.
My printer is on the fritz. Got message that black refill cartridge not recognized. Yes, it was authentic HP cartridge. I've always ordered dozens of replacement cartridges from HP and this one won't work. After removing it and re-inserting it many times, I got frustrated and threw it away! When I leave the older empty cartridge in, the color cartridge still performs well. Now what? Well since the color cartridge is showing to be low, I'll order one and see what happens. I'll also order another black one. Story to be continued. (Thank goodness I had just completed a project for a friend. It consisted of many prints and all printed fine and dandy!)

My "Mr. Fix It" fellow came to help with putting up four more cup hooks over the kitchen windows so I can hang my cut glass ornaments up for the holiday season. It is also to celebrate my brother's art and life as this is the time of year last year that covid got him and he's gone. (Last year I had to use safety pins on the curtains to hang them. I'll show you later.)

A wonderful surprise is happening with the orchid that my daughter gave me on Feb. 16. I have never had orchard plants before. Well..... 
now see what is happening! 
Today it does look a little "haywire"!
Please tap on image to view larger

Oh and I caught a mouse this morning. The trap of yesterday disappeared. I have extras on hand. It's the time of year!


  1. Sorry about your printer issues... But glad you got your project done.
    Lovely new blooms!

    -sigh- Yes, it is mouse in the house time of year. Think we will bring next door's 2 cats over, if we get 'em again. They catch and eat everything! LOL

    You have a mr. fix-it. Wonderful. wish we did. My husband always could do anything, but being legally blind, he can't any more. But that doesn't stop him from thinking he still can.

    🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄

  2. Ohhhh, the orchid is absolutely beautiful!!!!

  3. I think orchids may be your thing. How beautiful yours is!