Sunday, November 13, 2022

Routines & Quirks

I have always had routines and quirks. For some reason it is part of my thinking process and doing things out of order are upsetting. An eccentricity, I know for sure. Gonna give you some idea of what I mean. I am not OCD. I do not turn the light switch on and off certain number of times before stopping, nor do I have other repetitive actions.

OCPD is a personality disorder marked by perfectionism and a need for control.

OCD is a mental health disorder characterized by excessive thoughts and repetitive behaviors.

Soooooooo, here are some examples of my routines. Each night before going to bed, I turn down the thermostat from 74° to 69°. I make sure doors are locked and interior night lights are functioning. I set out clean clothes for morning. I prepare the coffee pot so all I have to do is plug it in the next morning. At noon, I take the phone off the hook and unplug it so the message function won't work. I like quiet for lunch and then my nap. At around 3-3:30 I plug it back in and reset the message time. I then walk about 7-10 laps with the rolling walker back and forth the length of the cabin. The times between meals are dedicated to: my chore of the day, computer correspondence, research and reading, cleaning. There aren't dishes left in the sink to be washed and put away very often. Things in my environment have to be "just so" and to my preference. Example: salt shaker always on right of pepper shaker. Sugar spoon handle back of bowl. Refrigerator organized a particular way. Cupboard dishes stacked to my preference and in order. Left sock and shoe go on before right. Got it? 

Now, I truly do not care how others keep their offices, homes, yards, closets, etc. Other's ways and methods can be exactly opposite of mine and it matters not one blink to me. BUT! if you put something one bit crooked or back in the wrong place in my space I'm compelled to "fix" it immediately. 

Order and perfection are my middle name. It cannot be helped. It's not harmful nor serious. You can chalk it up to my idiosyncrasies! We all have them, do we not?


  1. Yup me too.I I find our condition a bit demanding .What works for me is telling myself that we don't live in a perfect world and it is better than it was. Perfection is a bit of a burden for me but I have taught myself that sometimes good enough is good enough

  2. The comment is from your son. Go figure! LOL

  3. What a great post! I have more than a few idiosyncrasies myself, and some of them don't differentiate much from yours. I do agree that the saltshaker should be on the right of the pepper shaker. Where did that come from? Now, it's time to check that all the doors are locked, turn down the thermostats, and head west. :~)

  4. I love the way you do things. If I could be half as organized as you, I would be very happy.