Saturday, November 14, 2020

New Bowls

A delivery was made here yesterday and I've been waiting for these beauties for about three weeks. When I first spied them on his internet page during a community event, I claimed them. They spoke to me! Yep! Now I admit that the 'cereal bowls in oatmeal color' seem to have changed colors but I think it is the lighting plus the different cameras used to capture their beauty. 

They are thick but not too thick, thin but not too thin, and were put to use the very same evening. The heft and feel are perfect! They kept our meatball-vegetable stew nice and warm throughout the meal. What a treat! 

please click on image to view larger
Al, aka the Potter accepted some of my recent cookies and I was pleasantly surprised he mentioned them on his latest post. He has a wonderful sense of humor as you will read.


  1. Great purchase, I'm sure. And if they keep foods hot, I bet they'll be used a lot this winter!!

  2. Those bowls are really nice! I wouldn't mind having a go at that stew. Looks good.