Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Last Hurrah for 2020

For apples, that is. Over the hills and on the road to Jayne's Orchard we went on this dreary day. The Orchard is closing Saturday and I just knew we could find some late apples such as Winesap and Empire. I also thought of the old fashioned Northern Spy apple that we always had at home when I was young. There weren't any there today. I don't even know if they grow them. 

How lucky to find some of the late variety Winesap! It has a tart, rich taste and, of course we shared one when we got home. These are sitting in the sink waiting for their vinegar bath before storage and/or processing.

The Empires are crispy and sweet. They have a hybrid parentage of the Red Delicious and Macintosh. They are crispy and crunchy and will go fast. I just might keep them for having an apple a day! They, too are ready for their bath. You might ask, "Why a vinegar bath?" Well because my mother always did is my answer. I use three parts water and one part plain vinegar. I think it is supposed to kill bacteria. Don't know for sure, don't care. Will keep on bathing my apples before doing anything with them.
Oh I forgot to tell you how good they smell! The visual experience doesn't do them justice!


  1. Wishing you a very, very, happy Thanksging Ms. G

  2. Winesap apples are an old favorite of ours, but has all but disappeared around here. I always loved that rich tart taste. I am sure the vinegar bath helps preserve the apple in some way. I will definitely give it a try.