Saturday, November 7, 2020

Bread for Two #4

We have discovered that buttered slices of this bread, fried in the cast iron pan and topped with a slice of any kind of cheese is becoming a favorite for lunch. Too much of a good thing is not good! Soooooo, moving on.........

It's about time for cookies, don't you think? I have been on a roll with the little bread loaves and need to explore something different now. A craft project is not in the close future. Burned out there. Gonna dig in my recipes and surprise everyone - soon.  Getting a bad craving for another pumpkin pie so that will probably smooth the transition from bread to cookies, ya think?

In the meantime, the porch swing is covered and the golf car will be put to bed tomorrow. ARGGGG. When you get old you feel cold and I'm not looking forward to winter - at all!  Comfort will just have to come from my oven being a very active appliance. 


  1. Age and on top of that a good dose of Rx blood thinners & you understand why we live in the south!! lol

    cookies sound good, but pumpkin pie, even better.

  2. I love homemade bread slathered with butter. I would love to have a slice of yours right now!