Saturday, April 13, 2019

Speaking of Eggs...

Well... it is Easter season
Well... human babies come from eggs
 (three new ones so far this year in our family)

Well... appropriately I just watched a very nice PBS show,  "The Egg, Life's Perfect Invention" which was narrated by David Attenborough.

If you REALLY love nature and miracles, this is a good way to expand your knowledge about them. Perhaps you will be able to view it. Premiere date: April 10, 2019 | 0:53:29 | Video expires May 8, 2019
  Egg Video Link

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  1. We watch nature on pbs also. I really learned a lot...those birds & odd shaped eggs laid on the cliffs...covered in bird waste & yet where the chicks breathe...the flatter end, hardly covered. it all.