Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Repairs Underway

There's not a day goes by when my mom and dad are not present in my life. This cabin was their summer retreat, and we live here full time now.  
SOOOOO......when there was another problem,
I had to call for help from our "go-to" local business. It was founded in 1975!  They do it all and have done work here for many years. As I write, "Bill" has completely scraped the bottom of the old, did I say OLD? steel shower stall where it meets the floor slab to stop the leaking. Our multiple putty attempts through the years are no longer sufficient to keep the water from soaking the floor next to that stall. He used a product to seal all around the stall bottom and  even found a hole in a corner that needed to be plugged and then sealed. 

Also needed is a new back gutter and fascia board. The bottom logs are soaking up water from overspills and that is not good. We see dampness in those logs in the bathroom and bedroom at the floor.

You must remember this is an old structure and we are not wealthy but do the best we can to preserve it.     

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