Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine Specials

I don't crave chocolates or wish for bouquets of flowers; just a dishwasher person to clean up after my kitchen adventures.

It's not what you might think! My heart creations consist of two favorite treats for us. I made them both today.  (recipes for each have been posted previously) 
 These will be ready in about 3 days
We already had a chunk at lunch!
OH! be still my heart!
Frypan Almond Butter Cake
AKA Skillet Cake
Have I ever mentioned that an old Griswold fry pan lives here? It is dependable and necessary. 1865-1957 ERIE  - Some of the finest cast iron cookware products came from this early time period. It was marked ERIE for the Pennsylvania city it was made in and ERIE iron remains among the finest of Griswold's foundry products.To the best of my knowledge my pan is from the 1937-1957 era due to the block lettering and the small cross logo. It was passed down from family.
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A link to the history site is here: Griswold

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  1. My mom had the cast iron skillet just like yours! Now I wonder what ever happened to it.

    Your two dishes look scrumptous. [Bud & I don't 'do' anything with candy/gifts/flowers either.