Monday, February 13, 2017

Snow Blow Woes

After snowing all day yesterday, and freezing rain after the snow stopped falling, the stuff became challenging and demanding. The large township road plows came through during the late evening and again early (4am) today and plowed us in. It can't be helped. Then it all froze with the cinders used for ice conditions, embedded in the frozen banks. Our neighbor has it worse as he has a longer driveway and two cars parked in the open. He's out there now as well. The photos below are a series of the tedious and difficult struggle to break it up slowly and carefully so as not to damage the blower. The job is finished when the mailbox is cleared and the opening at the path to the propane tank is opened. My job is to oversee that the men are safe and to prepare a hearty lunch. 
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  1. O thank you! Never seen such a "blower". Very cute. Also the video.

  2. We saw on the weather news that Binghamton was going to get a lot of snow so we figured that you would get your fair share! We had a drive way so I really understand what happens when the plow comes thru and it freezes.