Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Late Invitation...

My brother called on this late morning and wondered if I'd like to drive to his maple syrup spot and take some pictures. He said he was in the middle of cooking, straining and jarring it. Darn! I just posted a small bit about maple syrup on the 19th and had no idea if he was into it or finished. Well, wouldn't you know that I had a sinkful of dishes soaking in ammonia laced water and had cupboards and dresser gewgaws soaking, plus had the bathroom and closet torn apart. I am not wired to leave in the middle of something so stayed home and finished cleaning. I cannot bring myself to just drop everything and go out to take pictures and now regret it, but maybe he'll still be at it in a couple of days and an early trip over the hills and through the woods to brother's sugar shack I'll go.        Feb. 19 

The mourning doves were out this morning and they were kissing but when they saw me they turned away from each other like teenagers caught in the act.  Spring is around the corner!
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  1. Well...I understand not wanting to go but hope you get a 2nd chance the next day or two. Love the teen-aged lovers!