Saturday, February 25, 2017

Saturday Scope

The Mister dug out the small catch basin today. The snow plow scraped too deeply and pushed gravel and mud all along the edge, even up on the grass. This drain is important. Digger guy is too old to do this very often. He doesn't clean out the large one now though. We just call the road department to have them come whenever it is clogged with branches, rocks, leaves, debris and they arrive promptly. If they didn't, the road would wash out as it has done several times in the past. Big washouts!
He also noticed that the daffodils in front of the cabin by the carport were popping up. That is not a good thing. The ones in front of the porch that did that last year never came back. They all died. Thank goodness the daffodils up in the old rock garden are covered with debris and will do the timely appearance. They won't be frozen back and disappear!
In the kitchen, treats await - peanut butter chocolate chip variety.
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