Thursday, February 16, 2017


On my injured leg is slathered an ointment that has always been used by my grandmother, mother and myself throughout our lives for injuries. My other family members and many friends use it as well. There has not ever been a time when a jar of the ointment wasn’t in my medicine closet.  It has only the slight smell of woodsmoke now, but still does its job well. We love Resinol! 

I am now applying it to relieve the  sensitivity, tightness and burning sensation of edema that has followed a deep cut to my shin that occurred December 30. During a final visit to review the healing process yesterday, my doctor suggested I use Vaseline (UGH! Greasy!) or Aquaphor. I asked him if I used Resinol would it be OK as well. He had never heard of it!!  He will now, because I intend to tell him all about my magic ointment. 

Resinol Medicated Ointment relieves pain and itching and protects, soothes and promotes healing of skin irritations and rashes.

From the internet home page (
"Resinol Medicated Ointment has a time tested record of safety and effectiveness for many skin irritations. Resinol was developed by Dr. Merville H Carter in Baltimore, Maryland at the turn of the last century. In the course of his medical practice, Dr Carter saw many patients with skin conditions that were difficult to treat. After many years of practical application among his own patients, he perfected Resinol. Over the years thousands of mothers, nurses and doctors have voluntarily written letters attesting to the safety and effectiveness of Resinol.

In 2002, Resinol Medicated Ointment was purchased by Resical Inc. The company is dedicated to introducing the same effective product to consumers, nurses and doctors through out the United States.

There are no plans to ever change the time tested effective formulation of Resinol Medicated Ointment.

In 1983 a fragrance oil known as Oil of Cade was removed from the formula because it had no known therapeutic value and many consumers objected to the aroma. Yet, many other consumers dearly remember the “old familiar smell” of Resinol from their child hood days. 

 A new sealed jar has been introduced to insure the integrity of Resinol. It was necessary to slightly reduce the content of the 3.5 ounce size to 3.3 ounces in order to make this change.

Over time the labeling has been changed to conform to updated FDA over-the-counter monographs."

I have written about this ointment before. 
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