Friday, October 21, 2016

This and That

Carved an apple and it is drying. An applehead it will be.     (Actual untouched photo!)
Cut sourdough bread slices that were getting dry. Perhaps I'll make garlic and oil croutons for salad  or a small bread pudding. Currently they rest on the propane stove which is now heating the cabin. 
I created a flying horse to go over my autumn road photo.
He was traveling to a nearby path that was much used by a friend in the past. Her photo was used. She told me that another rider's horse that looked like this one could jump those stone fences without hesitation. It's name was Red Fox and this is his ghost.
One more "creation" of a walk down the country road by Mr. Arabian. (GMG photo)
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  1. Y'know I've never EVER done an applehead before, but I have seen them and marvel at the talent of both the artist and nature taking its course in the 'end result'. I can't wait to see the finished head.

    LOVED the horse art. Awesome.

  2. you'll have to show how the apple head turns out if it dries!

  3. I really love the ghost horse picture and the apple head is fascinating.