Thursday, October 13, 2016

Goose Gathering

We are always glad when they leave. Their droppings are nasty when they come up on residents' beachfronts. Back in the 60's there were only ducks and they were welcome. There are a few duck varieties still coming and going. I'm not sure when the geese discovered our lake but now they are a real nuisance. For several decades we would frighten them away with a shotgun blast to the air but now we are too populated to use that method. When the Mister sees them approaching our homefront he usually just has to stand on the road and they are diverted. The bad thing is that every year more hatch here and then return to their birthplace to breed and hatch another generation! The town golf course has a problem with them too as it is also near a fresh water lake. 

Since I couldn't decide which photos to post to show the magnitude of our goose population I'll just put them all here. They were preening, eating, and squawking constantly today. At least they weren't on people's lawns as usual.
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  1. awww. sorry they are a problem. they are beautiful, though!

  2. There are a lot of geese there. I guess they know a good place when they see it.