Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Socks, Meatloaf and Muffins

Yesterday I received my 3rd pair of homemade knitted wool socks from an amazing friend who lives in Canada. We met at the beach several years ago as they spent their winters there. We traded craft hobbies and activities and I really miss her and her husband. She's outdone herself this time with this beautiful pair!! I am really grateful.
Made in 2015
Made around 2012
I've been busy this morning. The three pound meatloaf is hot out of the oven. I love Big Red Workhorse that mixes it so well, saving me finger freeze! 
The muffins are bran with golden raisins added. Of course we ate a couple to taste first and then I shared with a fellow who drives by every Tuesday morning. 
These are tasty and I'll share the recipe upon request. 
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  1. I love your socks! What a beautiful socks! The colors!

  2. oh, my gosh, the socks are awesome!

  3. Meatloaf and muffins....yummy.
    Those gifted socks are really awesome Ms. G.