Monday, October 3, 2016


Yes, the spring and summer are over and autumn has begun. It happens every year, but annually I'm still amazed at what has passed.

When we bought the little white geranium, it was because there were no red ones left when we went to the produce stand. I didn't want pink so it was my choice to have white or none. I had no idea how it would like to live in the old piece of plastic pipe at the corner of the ancient "rock garden" that my mother had formed about 55 years ago. 
April 17
May 21
September 4
October 2
I'm already thinking of Spring! Perhaps Henry will be sporting a different flower and the pipe will have the Elegance Imperial Regal Geranium. I can almost see it now. Henry's small body caused this to become badly root bound and now I know it needs more space!
May 21
June 11
June 22
July 3
September 16
The sedum did it again! They are so top heavy that they fell over - they always do that! I even nipped them as they grew so they wouldn't be so tall. There must be a way to "fix" this!
October 2
August 11
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  1. Gorgeous geraniums Ms. G!!!
    They don't do well here in this heat. Wish they did.

    I love the fragrance. In Colorado I used to dry them along with rose petals and make Rose Geranium sachet. Yum. Avon used to have that as one of their colognes/soaps/powder. Wish they would come back with it.