Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sadie Mae

Our daughter has a new family member and she is adorable! She's a three year old Yorkie mix who belonged to a lady who could no longer care for her. She really liked the Mister better than me and was all over him! 

Unfortunately one of her other dogs died unexpectedly when she was at the NJ beach with her sisters and niece celebrating birthdays. The sad news was withheld until her return. This daughter has a wonderful way with animals and it is amazing how she communicates with them.

Meet Sadie Mae

Charlie still lives at home
Lexi is fondly remembered
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  1. Sadie May is a great new addition to Sprout Road

  2. i'm glad she can give her a good home. sorry for her loss.

  3. Arlene gave a min pin a good home a few years ago and now the poor little guy is blind.
    Very cute dog!

  4. Awwwwww,Sadie Mae is adorable. And Charlie quite handsome. Sad about Lexi...hope there was no long period of suffering.