Wednesday, July 20, 2016

More! More!

Now I'm really feeling like a greedy braggart, BUT......IF I could, I would share - really!

The canteloupes were picked out of the field yesterday. We bought two and they cost $2.50 each. If I knew a way to store them there would have been ten bagsful to carry home. You can always tell fresh produce when you scrub them in the sink, and the little bit of dirt that remains when they were plucked from their bed, comes right off easily.  Here I go rambling again. The photos I took will tell the true story. We bought the very smallest cabbage that was on the table and it is really too large but I'll use every leaf, you can bet. I hope to make cole slaw and Halupki.
please click on image to view larger

Yes, I took this picture of my beautiful cabbage. Isn't she just GORGEOUS? and she's MINE...all MINE!

By the way, I wonder what species of critter will enjoy the rinds that are scattered up into the woods behind the cabin.....

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  1. laughing at your cabbage possessiveness. :) looks yummy!