Friday, July 22, 2016

Just Peachy

We rode out to the produce market again to get more melons (to share with our daughter) and to check out the peaches. The website just put up a photo of peaches that  came in from Middleburg, PA.
We only bought three to try as we aren’t familiar with the Sentry variety. The ones we like arrive in August according to my photos of last year and we sure want some of them again!  We asked the farm manager if she knew what variety is ripe at the end of August and she thinks the ones we want are most likely John Boy. She told us that many different varieties are always brought in as they ripen so we are still unsure!
Three pictures of three peaches
because I couldn't choose which I liked best!
“Sentry: A medium-large to large, globose, 60% to 70% scarlet red over green-yellow ground color, semi-clingstone peach ripening July 10-15. Flesh is moderately firm with good flavor. Tree is vigorous, spreading, and moderately productive, with low susceptibility to bacterial spot. Fruit has a variable cropping record which makes the ripening season vary from year to year.

John Boy: A large, globose, 60% to 80% bright crimson red over a yellow-green groundcolor, yellow-fleshed, semi-freestone peach ripening July 28-31. The flesh is firm with good flavor. Tree is similar to Loring being very vigorous but more productive, with medium susceptibility to bacterial spot.”

A peach cobbler is in our future!
First I manipulated one into a painting!

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