Wednesday, July 13, 2016


With the help of a wonderful neighbor, the Mister and I are comfortable again. 

This morning after taking me to laundromat, the Mister ran to Lowe’s (35 miles away) and bought a 12,000 btu Frigidaire air conditioner. The old GE was 16 years old and we hope this new one will last as long as we do! Humidity is awful here today. My brother bopped by as the Mister was returning with it and helped bring it into the cabin. The removal and installation were difficult because of the window not being “normal” and additional wood had to be added to make it fit correctly. They got it done and running before bedtime!  Our good neighbor and friend will take the old one home with him for the township pickup on Saturday. The tree limb was removed today as well. Never a dull moment!
(I was so happy to have This great friend and neighbor help to install it, I forgot to turn on the camera flash for the first photos.
click on image to feel the cool


  1. Thank goodness for air conditioners. We just got a portable one for our livingroom - so much better.