Monday, July 18, 2016

From a Garden...

Down the road…at the produce stand I bought tomatoes, one large sweet onion, a quart of just picked green beans and the Mister got corn.  I have yet to get green peppers and saw that they were large and beautiful. I could make stuffed peppers; next trip. Maybe tomorrow?
There is nothing better than a tomato sandwich with warm and sweet real garden tomatoes, is there?

The sweet onion is for grilled burgers and the corn is for tonight’s supper. (He eats three, me two. We’ve cut back this year.)

And these green beans are BEAUTIFUL!  All sizes too. I just washed them, took off the heads - NEVER the TAILS! - blanched in boiling water for 3 minutes, then drenched in ice water and spread on parchment paper over cookie sheet for a 30 minute flash freeze. They are now packed in freezer bags according to size. They will be “WOW BEANS.”
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I just remembered a question that a friend once asked me about leaving the tails ON. You only do this with tender new beans. It used to be that both ends had to go so you could remove the string. Not these!

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  1. funny, as the first few photos loaded, i said, 'wow, those are beautiful.' then you said it about the beans. they look awesome.