Wednesday, November 27, 2013

'Twas the Day before Thanksgiving...

Today is kind of miserable but it doesn't bother me at all because I'm BUSY! The Mister went outdoors to unfreeze the truck tailgate. He forgot to apply a bit of antifreeze on the gaskets and I need a loaf of bread. Yes, the truck bed is storage for bread until I can find time to make room in the refrigerator freezer. It works well as an extra freezer for us. He also used up an entire container of anti-freeze pellets around the perimeter of the truck and we'll need to replace it soon; we have only one backup container left. Winter has begun at Lake Chrisann.

 I had just finished breakfast and was in the midst of oatmeal raisin cookie preparation when I looked out the window and saw the Great Blue Heron. He comes to our beachfront often. Since I wasn't prepared for taking pictures, a quick hand washing was in order and I grabbed up the camera and took a shot through the window. He saw me and immediately flew away! Back to cookie making.
Please click on photos to view larger.

Near the end of the batter mixing, I have to call for help to stir in the oats and raisins as the batter is too stiff for me. He is so willing, it makes me laugh. He must want cookies! Ya think?

Well, the project of the day is completed.
72 cookies! 

And Pal begged and begged but never touched them and can't eat them anyway, He is one of those dogs that has a sensitive stomach and both he and we would have to pay the price if he were to take a bite! His birthday is coming soon - Dec. 2 -  and he will be 14!

 "Hey, Mom! did you bake cookies - AGAIN?"

 "They look good"

 "They smell good!"

"Are you SURE I can't have just one?"

Yes, it has been a good day.

We wish everyone we know and those we love to have a very happy Thanksgiving Holiday. Pig out! Enjoy your lives together! BE THANKFUL!


  1. Pal ;looks so cute standing there looking at the cookies.

    I use the trunk of the car as a freezer in the winter time.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. I hate when you can't get to your camera when an image presents it's self. OK I need another glass of milk for the cookies. Well actually I'm stuffed between yesterday and today. The piece of homemade blueberry pie an hour ago put me over the top. And now I must waddle into the sunset.