Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hanging Out With the Heater

Well we have been keeping busy here, occupying ourselves doing mundane chores and just keeping on the move. Husband was bored and has almost completely vacuumed the walls and behind and underneath everything! He has pulled it all out and away and then put it all back.  I have washed and/or dusted all furniture, trinkets, hangings, plates and lamps-possible. Everything sparkles. Believe me there was all sorts of moovin' and groovin' and improvin' goin' on in this ole' cabin!

This morning the outdoor thermometer showed 10 degrees lower than on the 4th. It is going down, down down!

The gas propane fireplace insert is working well. It is our only heat besides the oven when I bake.  We had it put in here in 1998. Wood just couldn't produce enough to suit us. It was dirty and labor intensive and we are not able to manage it any longer. 

This morning I baked an apple crisp but don't have any cream whip or ice cream to top it so it will have to wait…well after a small taste! I added raisins just to use them as they were left over from a while back. I'll pick more up soon because I have yet to make my oatmeal raisin cookies. I was waiting for us to empty the jar of the peanut butter ones and it now contains only crumbs.

The turkey breast is almost thawed so I'll just bake it on Wednesday. Left overs will last through the weekend and then it's on to making a kettle of turkey rice soup like Mom always did.

I made a mobile to hang outdoors using a few old cd's. I like to watch the reflections as it spins. There is no sun to reflect rainbow shades today, but I can wait.

Tomorrow is our trip to Walmart to replenish supplies so we won't have to go again for a few weeks. I'll think about Christmas after all of the Thanksgiving exertions are spent and hustles have slowed. We will expect to see some family members over the weekend - if the weather is good for travel. We stay home and they come here. 

Well car races are finished for the season and football has now taken over the TV. That's a good thing because the man of this home has a case of boredom until it snows. The lady has no problem finding things to do. 

We are thankful for ALL we have. All we have is all we need. YES! 


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  1. Can I hire the both of you to do the same here. It's chilly here too. Did hubby watch the Patriots/Denver game last night? That was some game. I'm putting a pot of coffee on to enjoy with a slice of apple crisp.