Sunday, November 10, 2013

In Again - Out Again - Home Again!

It's been one busy week after a long 13 1/2 hour trip from South to North. As we age, the trip that we take 3 times a year becomes an endurance test. We've been doing this for over 14 years. It's always good to be here and it's always good to be there, but Oh! the travel is now an exhausting experience. You see, we bring back and forth all foods and seasonal clothes. We continue to leave our places with clean beds made, no laundry in baskets, and rooms fully polished and cleaned. It's a wonderful reward to return to find things just as left and ready for re-occupancy. Just packing is exercise to the extreme. It didn't seem to be difficult way back when…..Now don't get me wrong, we already know we have the best of both worlds - sea and mountains and time and health to enjoy both. 

Monday: We put away all and put up containers in storage areas. Then a trip to town for monthly refilling of prescription drugs for husband, pick up of post office mail that is held, filled artesian water jugs for our coffee and tea. We experience the shock of filling the gasoline tank - I say shock, because it costs more here - much more - It is the day we later catch up on mail and paperwork.

Tuesday in November is husband rearranging and servicing the snowblower, quad and generator in preparation for winter. It is a day of his cutting and removing dead foliage and plants from flowerbeds and raking leaves. It's a good thing for him there is no snow covering it all. I don't do any of these chores, but I keep busy nesting.

Wednesday was a trip to town for a few groceries. Then we took a break and relaxed.

Thursday entailed a 30 mile one way trip to nearby town for more groceries and sundry items at Walmart. This was after Time Warner serviceman came and set me up with WiFi internet on my laptop. It's getting too cold in the bedroom to work in there now.

Friday I made a large pan of Rice Krispy Treats and a delicious pork tenderloin meal for dinner. He rested.

Saturday I baked and cooked meals ahead and froze them. I made pizza from scratch for dinner.

The lake was very calm with beautiful reflections this morning - BUT there has been something going on way over there! We don't know what yet. Yeow!

Today, Sunday We made delicious MacCoun applesauce! I forgot how labor intensive this is, using my treasured old utensils.  I also got a minute to check computers and move more music files from one into the other. 

Tomorrow is a laundry trip to town or we'll be without underwear! and socks! Well….almost.

The next days ahead will be baking cakes (apple), pies and cookies (all varieties.) This is a great time to bake as the oven helps us stay warm.  I might make fudge - maybe. We both share chores indoors and then we go our separate ways - me on computer, he watching big screen TV. Life is good. 

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