Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving With a Bang

Thanksgiving morning, 2:45 AM The Mister heard the heater blower go off and then come right back on. He looked at his dresser clock and it was flashing. That meant we had a power failure, this time only for a couple of seconds. The next thing was that he heard the coffee pot gurgling. It was making the coffee! I heard it too and said to myself, "Why did he turn on the coffee at this hour?" I prepare it with the necessary water and coffee every night before I go to bed so all he has to do is flip the switch in the morning. I did think, however, that maybe he wanted to have it all ready for when he got up and, if we had no power, he could just pour it in a pot and put it on the propane grill to heat. That would save him the rigamarole of setting up the generator and getting it running when it is so early and cold.

When I got up this morning at 7:15, I asked him why he made the coffee so early. He replied, "The darn thing started itself, I didn't turn it on!" We figure that the power surge must have started it. Wow! We could have had a fire if it wasn't filled and ready to go! Never again will we leave it plugged in when we go away. In case you were wondering, It's a 4 cup Cusinart that is about 8 years old.

A few months back, when we were in SC, our daughter did a run-through of the cabin just to make sure all was OK. When she called, she told us the small Y2K computer screen was lit, but she left it alone. Well, we knew it was off when we left. I hadn't used that computer for over a year! It was plugged into the power surge bar, though. We almost didn't believe her, but now we do!

When The Mister drinks his morning coffee, he watches the news on TV. Nope! Not today! We don't have TV, telephone, or internet and it is now 1:35 PM. Why! you may wonder . . . well, there was an airplane crash - clean up efforts being reported on the police scanner. WHAT! Yes, it seems that a small single engine plane must have tried to land on the hard road at the end of our lake and that was the cause of the power and Time Warner service problem.

Twice he has driven there to see when the service will be back and sees no activity. He took these photos of the damaged plane that has been placed on a lot at the side of the road.

Macy's Day Parade! Football! We want our TV back! 

We had our turkey dinner to the tunes of Floyd Cramer, The Platters and Patsy Cline played on the computer. After nap, we were delighted to find all service back in working order. Thank you to the men who worked at least 11 hours in 18 degree cold with strong winds!

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  1. It wasn't quite that cold here yesterday but close. About 23 degrees. The day before it was 65 with much rain and 50 mph wind gusts. It could have been snow. Lots of snow.
    No power failure a couple of days ago but I did lose my heat. $150 just to come out and look at the furnace. Fortunately it has been fixed. No football on Thanksgiving just food. Lots and lots of food. I must make up for this piggery.
    That pilot looks like he was quite lucky.

  2. I am so glad your Thanksgiving had a happy ending. My son, stepdaughter and grandchildren joined us to celebrate the holiday. Abigail walked through the door with a roll of gold ribbon in her hand. After requesting a scissors and tape she became very busy at the table. We were all pleasantly surprised when we sat down to gold wrapped silverware and napkins. After dessert, apple tart (my mother's unwritten recipe, sure glad I paid attention) and pumpkin pie, we took Molly for a nice long walk.... and yes, definitely watched some football.