Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Storm a Comin'

This photo is for "Leave it to Davis" to see because I don't know how to send it to her. I follow "our" SC Weatherman especially since he posts such marvelous photos taken by his followers.
                      This one really really grabbed me! 

 "Here's another shot of the awesome storm that rolled through northern Horry county yesterday. Thanks to Tracey Floyd for sending it."


  1. That is an awesome photo. I would like to see some rain around here.

  2. What a great photo of the storm cloud!

  3. Wow!!!! I LOVE that one!!!!! Isn't it just beautiful??? All the different shades of blue and the little hint of pink at the edge where it touches the sky....God can really paint a great picture. I definitely would have had my camera out for that one!!! The funny thing is, the day that I took all those pictures of clouds, my son's girlfriend took pictures of the same clouds. We laughed at how much we think alike! And I am really enjoying these posts!!!!