Saturday, July 21, 2012

Me Time

Today I went to a mall with two longtime girlfriends. I don't usually go to malls. These ladies are both under 62 years of age and are world-savy. I needed a pedicure and all of us decided to have one. They go on a regular basis. I go only three times a year, usually, when my friend at our SC place goes and takes me along.  Now I haven't been since the end of March. I had "planned" to go at the end of June, but then shoulder and arm breakage prevented me from even thinking about toenails. Mistake! 

The nice fellow who worked on my old feet did a really nice job. They were a mess. I absolutely could NOT even clip them myself so he he had a real challenge. When I walked out of the facility I felt so great.  I have to "save up" to have this procedure performed. It is a luxury event for me. The fellow even put my socks and sneakers back on! 

Applebees was the next stop for a wonderful lunch. I never eat out. The morning was a complete success, thanks to two very caring friends. After reaching home I was able to take a two hour nap!

I cannot get by without the support of friends, be it via personal contact or the internet. It is a wonderful thing to have people in your life who REALLY care for and about your comfort and welfare.

Thanks! Nancy and Laura! 

Photo taken 1 week after stubbing toe.

Photo taken June, 2012, 3 weeks after shoulder/arm accident.


  1. Ouchey!!!! That HURT! I have never had a pedicure or manicure....I do paint my own toenails, but never had anyone else do it. My daughter does go once in a blue moon and she loves it....just can't afford the luxury with two little girls....maybe someday, I'll try it!
    How wonderful of your two friends to take you for such a treat...and ooooo, I love Applebees!!!

  2. I would love for us to go together someday. How wonderful it makes you feel!