Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More Clouds

These come from my favorite meteorologist in SC! 

MOTHER NATURE'S MUSHROOM CLOUD - What an anvil over Conway. 
This image sent to him by Joe Bunting.

ANOTHER AMAZING ANVIL - When you first see this photo, it looks like a nuclear bomb detonated. It's actually a thunderstorm with a very well defined anvil. Warm, moist air rapidly rises and condenses, creating clouds and rain. Eventually the rising air reaches the top of the troposphere and bumps up against the bottom of the stratosphere. The air here is warmer than the air at the top of the troposphere so it no longer rises and spread out in all directions. It's perfectly circular because of the lack of strong winds at that altitude.                                Thanks to Judy Kunkel for the great photo.


  1. Amazing! And very educational. I wish I could remember facts like I did when I was young. I love clouds, as you might have guessed by all my pictures of clouds, so thanks for posting this imformative post!


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