Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Day Off

From physical therapy, that is; I mean actually going to the facility to be stretched and manipulated. The day started out with a wonderful view of several wildlife activities at the lake while having morning coffee at the dining room table.

A little green heron was perched on our "woodpecker" tree branch, looking down into the lake for his breakfast. He soon flew down and did his searching from our dock. 

He then disappeared and I never saw him again.

Next came a crow flying with "something" dangling from its beak. He landed on the grassy beachfront under the large spruce tree in front of the cabin.  When my husband went out to see what he had caught, he flew away, leaving a small sunfish behind! After husband returned to the cabin, the crow came back and picked that sunny clean. He even brought a friend and they shared this treat. It definitely wasn't the usual crow behavior that I had ever watched before! In fact, the crows (VERY large ones) have been acting quite kinky this summer. Just the other day we saw one picking off the petals of the day lilies and then actually picking the entire flowerhead off and dropping it to the grass.

A trip to the town laundromat was next. In the summer I hang all laundry out to dry. We brought it home and my "helper husband" pinned items to the line while I was able to sort and get them in the correct position to be pinned. It was a two person project and the line was full and the laundry hung "properly." I hope sometime to be able to reach up and do this myself again, but it just can't be accomplished yet. 

Then!!! A rain shower came, but thankfully it only lasted for about 10 minutes. I picked this day to launder because the forecast for the next four or five days was for daily thunderstorms. If we had waited any longer, we would have certainly had to go without underwear and socks! I refuse to feed those driers in the summer. How lucky can we be? A lovely breeze is now doing its best to complete this chore. The sun is out.

My next undertaking was to sweep the front porch floor. It is concrete and, for the past week, the pesky millipedes have been curling up and dying there, due to the perimeter of the cabin being treated to keep the usual yearly carpenter ants at bay. This year there haven't been ants seen, indoors or out, BUT....we were seeing and disposing of about a dozen millipedes every day - indoors!  Because of their moisture requirement, they usually don't survive indoors for more than a few days, but we don't want them in here anyway!  This has never happened before so we just figure it must be another natural anomaly due to the crazy weather we've experienced here during the past couple of years.

Our life is never boring and it is a good one. Who's complaining?


  1. Great pictures. I don't think I want any millipedes hanging around her. ;-)

  2. I love your pictures, too. What luck that that shower didn't last more than ten minutes and the sun came out to help the breeze dry your laundry!! I used to hang clothes out on the line, but I guess I got lazy. No, I know I got lazy. I just hate to admit it. It's just so hot hanging them out....of course, in the summer here, they are dry in about ten minutes. It would really pay off. Maybe when I retire or get laid off, which ever comes first,I will try to be more industrious!

    Are millipedes harmful? No, don't answer that....I'll go look it up. lol You just keep making me look things up. :)_

  3. Well, that was interesting. They are in the same family as our little pill bugs here in Texas. It said they can emit a caustic substance that can burn the exoskeletons of ants and other insect predators. The most interesting thing was that some monkeys (Capuchin) have been observed irratating the millipede so as to extract the substance and rub it on themselves to repel mosquitos. Now that is "necessity is the mother of invention" at work! I didn't know monkeys could figure out where to get insect repellent. Pretty smart.