Friday, July 13, 2012

P.T. Camp

The summer is moving right along here in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. I'm moving right along with it and not falling down again! Attitude in action.

Physical therapy should be called painful torture, but it sure is helping my shoulder movements. Of course, repetition and continuation after I leave the facility are still necessary. I have to remember not to go beyond my comfort level and resist forcing the stretches and movements. Sometimes I get too exuberant in my enthusiasm to attain my best restoration of range of motion. Today's therapy session was an example to remind me to slow down. It cannot be accomplished quickly.

The strengthening exercises of walking both hands up and down the wall to the highest height I can reach, and then walking them back down is the most difficult so far. The problem is that I don't have a wall on which to practice this one at home! My walls here are all rough flat logs. The doors are planks and unfinished. I tried it in front of the refrigerator but its height is short for the reach I need. Let's see.......there must be some other way....hmmmm.

I'm told that bone healing usually takes six to twelve weeks and that regaining full strength may take up to a year. Today is my 7th week anniversary of the fall. I'm just a beginner. Game ON!


  1. Keep up the good work. It will all pay off!

  2. It's good to hear things are going as they should. The body's healing has its own time frame. Sending along wishes for a good, speedy recovery!

  3. Thank you for the encouragement!

  4. How am I missing all these posts? My reading list isn't showing them!!! Blogger! What goes on here?

    So sorry that you are having difficulty with the excercises. I haven't read the previous post yet, but am assuming that you broke a bone? I'm dreadfully sorry!!! And sorry that I missed the post telling what happened to you!! My mom went through physical therapy earlier this year for a bad back and the excercises did wonders for her. Don't give up! You'll get stronger everyday. My mother in law broke her hip two years ago at 86 years of age. She went to a nursing home and had physical therapy for a year there, and guess what!! She went back to her apartment late last year. She is living with my sister in law, but is able to get around on her own. So don't give up. Be tenacious, but don't overdo, either.