Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter Contemplation

Thoughts of an Older Lady

Fourteen Things I Like About Winter

  • Seeing sparkles twinkling on fresh snow
  • Hearing the ice on the lake moan, groan and snap
  • Having a hot spot to stand in front of when I'm chilly
  • Watching heavy snow falling
  • Breaking icicles from the gutters
  • Not sweating
  • Looking out the window over my bed and seeing the moon through the barren tree branches
  • Feeling confident that Spring is coming soon
  • Smelling a pot roast cooking
  • Not leaving the house often
  • Watching the dog romp and tear through the snow
  • Knowing it not as risky to burn papers
  • Dark short days
  • Snow covering the ugly to hide it for a bit
Fourteen Things I Don't Like About Winter

  • The geese taking so long to leave the lake
  • The cold toilet seat
  • Static electricity in my hair
  • The propane bill
  • The electric bill
  • Electric power going out
  • More laundry
  • Constant company
  • Slippery footing and driving
  • Dry skin
  • Melted muddy snow
  • Wearing heavy clothes
  • Voles and mice finding a hole to enter
  • Whipping wind sneaking in the cracks


  1. static and shocks, dry skin - some of my non-faves. being able to use the oven and have a fire - wonderful!