Monday, January 16, 2012


Almost all of us here in Northeast Pennsylvania burn varied types of fuels to keep our homes warm. Not all areas are comfortably warm, but there is usually a "hot spot" where
backsides, toes and hands and pets can get revival as needed. Our only heat is a gas propane insert in an old brick fireplace. This replaced a wood burning barrel stove. Burning wood in a small home is a messy, dusty, and labor intensive method, even though the fire is mesmerizing and pretty. In our bathroom an electric wall heater stands ready for long stays. My daughter, who lives across town has a combination of heat sources. There is a wood burning furnace in the basement, alongside a propane furnace. In her kitchen there is a propane gas heater inserted in the wall. Our son-in-law has our old salamander heater in his garage/shop.

My neighbor has a propane gas furnace, and a wood burning stove and a propane stove in action.

Another neighbor burns coal pellets in a free standing stove, and his daughter has a wood pellet free standing stove in her home.

At our SC place I've noticed that many have oil radiators, electric ceramic heaters, and even infrared heaters in central areas. The bathhouses have overhead propane heaters.

I have just realized that I don't know anyone with a kerosene heater, but there most likely are many in our hometown houses.

I am aware that there are electric fireplaces marketed, but have never seen one.


  1. I have gas. Gas heat that is. Cheap in the summer (duh!) but a killer in the winter.

  2. When I was growing up in the fifties and sixties, we had a couple of Dearborn heaters that heated our little house. Mostly, we kept warm by standing right in front of them, being careful not to get our clothing caught in them. They ran on natural gas, which in itself was dangerous. I was glad when, as an adult, Hubby and I moved into an all electric house. I forgot that when the lights go out, so does the heat. Luckily, we have a fireplace, but our chimney hasn't been cleaned in 17 years, so we are scared to use it now. Also lucky for us that the electricity doesn't go out that much in the winter.