Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pecan Pie

Shortcut: I used prepared frozen deep dish pie crust

3 eggs need to be whipped to a froth.

Hard-packed dark brown sugar, butter and dark corn syrup need to come to a rolling boil in a very thick saucepan.

Hot boiled mixture needs to be poured INTO eggs immediately while stirring.

Ground (not whole or half) pecans stirred in along with vanilla.
All poured into crust shell and baked in hot oven.

Dishes, pot and utensils soaked in hot dishwater before washing up.
Easy but messy and sticky cleanup!

I make 2 of these each year and they are sooooo good! Better'n candy!


  1. My grandmother made the best pecan pie you ever put your hands on....and she used ground up pecans, too. This post really makes me miss her.