Saturday, January 28, 2012

Revitalization Has Begun

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Example of Hope

Last August my nephew's home in NJ was flooded. As the water was subsiding and before the cleanup was hardly begun, September brought another flooding! The photos here don't really show the full impact, but today there is hope, even as total repairs are still being completed and cleanup is not finished.

You see, the firemen came and saved his "girls." Their coop and yard were at the back of the home and they were almost lost.

These photos of yesterday were kept only as reminders of the devastation that so many have endured when the weather ruled. Today there is light at the end of the tunnel and - RENEWAL! The girls are laying!

Example of Interior

Example of Front Yard

Example of Back Yard

Example of Hen Yard and Coop

Example of Front Yard Street

Example of Compassion

Example of Front Yard - Strike Two


  1. Wow, what a horrible situation to have to live through....but what a wonderful sign of new beginnings.

  2. How awful! I an glad things are looking better now.