Tuesday, February 11, 2020


When my daughter visited today she spotted something hanging from the old empty fishing rod holder. "Mom, what is that?" "That is a paper chain made from some leftover pearlized paper stock. I no longer plan to create greeting cards, so I made it." "Mom, why is it hanging there?" "Because it felt good to hang it there by the entrance to my bedroom. I like to look at it." "Mom what else are you going to do with it?" "Well it will hang there until I get tired of seeing it and then I'll put it into the burn bag."

Sometimes I do some simple thing that just plain makes me feel good. By the way, the stick that is behind the chain is a support tool that the guys used when sighting in their rifles. It is hardly ever used now. My brother made it. I like to touch it. My favorite OLD gardening fork rests on it until spring.

If you were to ask me "Why" about other things I might just tell you "Because I can."
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