Monday, March 18, 2019

Baking Stuff

The other night I was putting a quiche dish together and did something that both surprised me and upset me. I had the base bread crumbles in the dish with the chopped broccoli, sausage chunks, chopped onions and was preparing the eggs to be beaten before topping it all with cheeses. Three eggs were put into the mixing bowl already and the fourth one I added was rotten! YUK! I poured the entire contents down the kitchen drain, flushing strongly with cold water. If you know me, you know I HATE waste! I started over but this time broke each egg in a separate little bowl before putting it in the mixing bowl. That worked. Lesson learned. Actually I know to do this but didn't and never will crack an egg and put it in with others until I know it is fresh. I think this was the first time in my entire life that I have encountered a rotten egg. Never again.

Today I took a BC spice cake mix and experimented with it. Instead of the 1C of water it called for, I used 1C of applesauce, along with the three eggs and 1/2 C canola oil as directed on the box. Yes, I cracked each egg separately first! I then poured the batter into the pan and sprinkled two little boxes of raisins that I had on hand over the top. I did this because the last time I mixed dried cherries, or craisins into a cake batter they sunk to the bottom. This time not! And... they were plump!
A cream cheese icing was applied and two slices were removed for our lunch dessert. It worked! They were very moist and tasty. 
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  1. Wow...When I cook, I always do the eggs seperately. And your cake looks delicious. Seriously tho, I know I could never lose weight at your house like my cardiologist wants me to. I still need to lose 20#, but never will...I like food. Tasty food, not diet crap. And YOUR cooking is always scrumptious.

  2. Thanks, a word to the wise, I'll be sure to crack my eggs separately every time. Thanks for sharing.