Saturday, March 2, 2019

Catching Up

Nope, we haven't had good road conditions or weather to go see the new Great Grandsons yet. Our daughter stopped in with a few of her little camera shots and they are growing and thriving well. We have a forecast of more snow coming over this weekend. Whoopee! Just to make Spring's approach (18 days away) even more exciting. Yeah.

We got our taxes done this morning and sent in. Simple for our preparer but well worth the small charge. Simple for us too; take papers, go there, spend 20 minutes - DONE!

The ice fishermen are out there on the lake again. We have often seen an immature Bald Eagle do the cleanup after they have left. I think dead bait is its current snack. The men and women and children are too far away to see exactly what they catch, but they do catch and often. It's a great sport if you are young enough to be agile and have the correct equipment plus warm clothes and time. One fella even brought his little dog!

My vintage photo album project is complete. The 1967 old color negatives that I found have been printed by a company in KS. They were recommended to me by a woman from a local "Then and Now" group that I joined and I am VERY pleased with the results. The speed and friendliness of the person who I talked with about getting this done was on top of it all and the cost was minimal! Here is an example of two that I scanned from the prints I had made. I scanned them all.

Nope I haven't been doing any baking lately. I had acute bronchitis and pneumonia a couple of weeks ago and, after much medicine, it is all cleared away but I'm being careful. The Mister's arm is all healed and you would never know he had injuries! His hip bruise is faded away completely. 

In case you missed the arrival of the twins this is the link to it.
Twins' Arrival Post

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  1. How exciting to have your project done...and most of all, happy with the results.

    Too see a bald eagle would make MY day.

    I'll check out the link soon, I hope. Today the wind chill is down in the high 20s (36° real temp) & I am staying indoors doing Scott's liquid gold on cupboards and cathedral ceiling & all the doors...taking a break.

    You two take the days easy!