Tuesday, March 12, 2019

WWW 30 Years

Happy Birthday World Wide Web!

In 1985 I started working in the County Cooperative Extension Office (under PSU) as the 4-H Coordinator. One of the first things I was guided through by a wonderful secretary was how to use the Apple computers that were standard throughout the state. The next thing that I remember was that the secretaries were all talking about the "www" a few years after I started.  They were learning how to implement it and we county agents soon were as well. I gained the title, "Cyber Highway Mama" when I retired, being fully adapted after 20 years using the office computers and the "WWW." 

Today it is all getting way ahead of me, but I feel very fortunate that I had the opportunity to come in when it first started. I'm so thankful to have the internet and the world wide web at my fingertips at home, along with quality cable service. It all allows me to continue learning about anything and everything that enters my mind and my world. 
Internet photo of the one I first learned how to use 35 years ago!


  1. You were way ahead of me! I went to community college in Bartonsville in 1995 to learn Microsoft works. Then later a class at the high school. Bought a book for dummies and taught myself the rest. I started out with an old computer with green on monitor. Have an Apple IPod but pc's and phone are windows. By the way you have a birthday coming up. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more!💞🎂🎈👏👏

  2. My nephew helped design & programing software with Hewlett Packard many many years ago...that's how I learned so much.

    They're good things about them and bad...for the most part -is kids today have no idea what fun life is as a child 'cause they're stuck behind a screen instead of using old school imagination / playtime.

    1. the lightbox slideshow working again.

  3. It's a small world. I was also a 4-H Coordinator, but in Virginia in the 70's! It was my later jobs where I got into computers, starting with DOS and that C: prompt.