Tuesday, October 16, 2018

It's Time...

To prepare and cook hearty stews.
to bake apple pies and crisps
to bake cakes and cookies
to make applesauce
to use freezer supplies from last year
to replenish freezer
to clean up and put away the dehumidifier
to enjoy the propane heater
to start up the humidifier
to clean and put away the little fans
to dig out winter hats, gloves, slippers, and other warm clothing
to put warmer blankets on beds
to flip mattresses
to cover the air conditioner
to cover the porch furniture
to cover the golf car
to pull winter tools and equipment out of the shed and put in the carport
to put winter heavy duty wiper blades on car
to cut down the flowerbeds and save the tubers
to have the yard raked and cleaned
to have the gutters cleaned
to re-dress James
to enjoy the season with whatever weather it brings
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  1. My list is about as long except for James and all the cooking. Heading a south on the 23rd the good Lord willing. Have a safe winter and Happy holiday season. ❤

  2. The food looks wonderful but I have to admit the pie really got to me. I'm ready to put a pot of coffee on.