Sunday, October 28, 2018


Yes, my get up and go got up and went yesterday and again today! I've had my 4lb. boneless petite smoked turkey breast on my mind since it arrived. I thawed it out all week, knowing I'd have to cut it into small servings. Some will be given to my daughter and family and the rest will be enjoyed by us. The OLD vintage (1967) electric carving knife did the job well. 
Photo from Smithfield
Chunks and slices
Sandwich salad
Then, since I already had the food processor out I decided to shred the three 8oz. blocks of cheese. I will soon make a large pan of Mac Cheese! 
What a washup I had! I sometimes feel like a squirrel, gathering nuts for the winter because that is just what I'm doing!
don't forget to click on image to view larger
The next project will be the big spiral ham. I WANT PEA SOUP!


  1. I love Cabot cheddar! I remember at work when we had to cut and package a Cabot cheddar, a good amount of it went down our throats.

  2. You are one busy squirrel! I've been busy just cleaning up and fixing since I got south. Had to order 6 new batteries for golf cart and new rain cover. That took a big chunk out of budget! Car just needed oil change.😊