Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day

Here it is a very relaxing day with a lot of picnic vittles awaiting suppertime. That is because it is a day of races on TV and very warm with the lake beckoning swimmers. Our family that lives nearby visited. Daughter swam, Son-in-law watched races and their son and his girlfriend went fishing in the boat. There are other folks fishing. I stay indoors with the AC as I can't tolerate much humidity.

There are no rules on Father's Day. All of the other kids have called and are having their own type of day.  

My father would be very happy to know that his Cabin Tranquillity at the lake is serving a lot of enjoyment today and I am thinking of and thanking him for providing such a place to gather any time of the year.
Dad's Great Grandson, Alex

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  1. I could live in that beautiful cabin's so cozy looking from both outside and inside!! It's good to read about the relaxing, family day for Father's Day. Those are the kind of days that are so very welcome!!!