Monday, June 12, 2017


Back when..., 56 years ago to be exact, they said, "It will never work." The divorce from my first husband had been finalized six days before this day of my new life with my final choice of husband. We were both 25. When he married me he took into his life four children under the age of 5. He had never been a father before and was warned by many that it would never work. The year was 1961.

A local judge married us in his office. He first took our picture with my camera and then led us all inside to complete the official marriage process and ceremony. After that we went to my new husband's mother's home to celebrate with his family and her neighbors. It wasn't a large group, but one neighbor had made a beautiful cake and joy and excitement prevailed. Soon after, we left to retrieve the children from a friend who was caring for them and picked up their things which were then moved into their new home. For them it was an adventure. The day was HOT and I'll never forget trying to adapt to do without a shower. There was only a bathtub in the new home. 

Bless his kind and sweet mother! Again! Again! and AGAIN! She opened her home to us, moving things around to accommodate her new family including children's noise and activity, furniture, toys, and even a pet cat with a new batch of kittens. Bit by bit we learned communal things from each other as far as shopping, cooking, housekeeping and sharing. In six months we were able to buy our own home with her help and the VA loan program.  I think she must have breathed a sigh of relief but also had the satisfaction of being a wonderful grandmother and mother to us. We were all very compatible, respectful and had very happy times when there. That is how I remember those days.
His Niece, Maid of Honor - ME, HE - His brother, Best Man - His Mother, Best Mother-in-Law
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It worked.


  1. That was a wonderful story of a very special couple

  2. Reading gave me goose flesh!! How precious your life is now =and back with the 'new' marriage.