Friday, December 27, 2013

Odds, Surprises, and Beginnings

One of my blogging friends who likes to take nature oriented photos wrote that she'd like to see some of this artwork because she wasn't aware of it. I have, on the top of our cabin log wall a small piece that was burned by my "middle" daughter quite a few years ago. I have made one for her of a rooster to give as a gift to her friend.  Here's a picture I took today of mine. It's a bit beat up now.

Since my blogging friend likes birding and sketches them, the link here will better show her what I'm taking about. We have a category at our annual agricultural fair where magnificent works of this art are displayed and judged. 

Two good links below will show you the wood burning style.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch I'm keeping' very cozy under my new Sherpa throw. Just see how colorful and lovely it is! Perfect! This was an unexpected gift from Texas that arrived by UPS up here ON TIME! Thank you Cindy.

And to finish off this disjointed blog, I'd like all to know that I popped open my 12" sword bean pod from SC because it was totally dried. It had great tone and sound and would have been a perfect rattle in a musical band - so now instead, we will see all the vines to be grown in 2014.

Coming soon…….ham bone for split pea soup.


  1. Love split pea soup!! Well, heck...any kind of soup.

    I can't wait to see the vine begin to grow.

    And, Ms. "G"...thanks for showing us your fungus art!!! As I posted below your comment yesterday...this is all new to me and what a special kind of art!! It's phenomenal.

    Have a great weekend.