Friday, December 13, 2013

Looking Backward- Handrails and Handmade...

It goes up - It comes down - It went somewhere once, but now it goes nowhere! This staircase is in front of our vet's office. I never saw it before today when I stayed in truck while husband went inside to pick up dog food.

We pulled the Christmas ornament box down from the storage area over the bathroom today (the only closed-over room). Each year I really enjoy reliving the old days of tree decorating and gift giving and the family get togethers. Part of this stays with me when I look over all of the effort and love that was incorporated in these ornaments. I actually don't hang them on a real tree anymore, but my eyes feast on their beauty. They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Well, it is in the heart of mine. I envision Mom peacefully making and sharing these; I also see a friend creating some for ALL of her friends. I have made only a few and never in abundance.  
Now I would like to share with you.
Mother made these...

Click on images to view larger

A friend made these...

A friend made these...
(I made the trees and star)

I made these...

Of course, I'm only talking handmade ornaments, and not all of the wreaths, sweaters, socks, and other things I have still kept simply to remember. Like this:


  1. You have some beautiful hand made ornaments and some precious memories.

  2. You, your mom and friend are quite skilled. Nice stuff!

  3. These are all awesome!!! Nothing can beat the loving care and time spent in making holiday ornaments.

  4. I love all of these and others we have (we did plaster craft ornament painting a few years, and I have all those, with dates and boys' names, etc., on them. We have beadwork, plastic needlepoint, etc., and we use a mix of them all on our tree, each year. My siblings and I have, for years - since we had all our children and gift giving to that many was a financial burden and not really necessary - send one ornament (the same one if purchased, or similar if handmade) to each of the others with a special note, describing it, or sharing its meaning, importance, relevance) to each of the others. We wrap them, nicely, so when they come to our respective houses, the anticipation is wonderful. "What did Paul send this year? His letter is always so clever?" or how I sent an frame/ornament in pewter that I sent last year with a photo of all five of us (my one sister passed away several years ago) standing in the woods behind our house when I was five, and, on the other side, one of us at a family gathering/reunion that year. It was tired with a red ribbon, and this year, when I took it out, I loved it just as I did when I put it together. The next day, two ornaments came in the mail from my sister and one brother, and the tradition continues! It keeps us close, memories weigh heavily in the ornaments we choose or make, and it's great fun! Merry Christmas to you, Gere and Ed, and to all a Happy New Year!

  5. In the sixth picture down, the Santa and the Christmas husband's aunt made some for us just like the 80's....and they still hang on my tree now. I just was telling someone at work about them the other day...and I have a Santa bell that a co-worker gave to me in the 70's. She was an elderly lady (probably in her 70's then) and she went to my church and was friends with my grandmother. She did estate sales on the weekends and found the little antique Santa bell at one of them and thought of my daughter. I cherish that bell....and those ornaments that Aunt Merle made for I do and will the lighthouse ornament you sent. Again, thank you so much. You are so thoughtful!