Sunday, December 8, 2013

Done With Carrots!

There! They (2 pounds of the full size beauties) are all gone from the refrigerator. Carrots are so good for you - well, maybe better nutritionally if you don't bake cakes and breads with them.

Do you ever buy the "baby" carrots from the produce aisle and think they are BABY carrots? Most likely they are "baby-cuts," large sweet carrots that are machine cut into 2-inch sections and then abraded down to size, their ends rounded by the same process. Labels that say "baby carrots" appear on some packages of very young carrots that are harvested while the vegetables are still very small. These are the real BABY carrots! The mix up is because many baby-cut-carrots are being marketed as "baby carrots," so don't be fooled!   I don't ever buy them anyway - just saying -

 Stepping down from soapbox….

Today I baked carrot bread. I like it better without the nuts, but the man who lives here with me loves nuts. (That statement speaks for itself!)

 Ready to bake

 One hour later…

 Closeup before slicing

 Sliced and ready to package, crumbs tasted

Deemed Delicious!
Provide your own cream cheese.
Click on photos to view larger. Then drool.


  1. This carrot bread looks absolutely scrumptious. You're so energetic. Really...I'd love to have a warm slice of it right now. And probably without the cream cheese...well, maybe.

    You asked about some of my poetry...I have a link way at the bottom of my Hootin' Anni Blog...wait a minute, I'll go and link it here for you ---

    Thanks for the compliment. You made my day.